Bain & Savon at Strictly Sustainable

We are a small artisan-run soap company working making vegan, cruelty-free, natural handmade soap and skin care in the beautiful coastal town of Whitehaven on the edge of the Lake District. We specialise in herbal and botanical beauty preparations including our natural soap, shampoo bars, conditioners, deodorants, and other bath and shower products.

We started making soaps back in 2002, and I have been making them full time since 2012. My family have always made their own balms, so it is kind of in my genes; my nan had a garden filled with herbs and wildflowers, and always created different lotions and potions. 


We use a variety of sustainable oils, fairly-traded butters (and where possible organic), and soft natural waxes (almond wax), which makes many of our products vegan friendly. Mixed with organic herbs, ancient roots, warming spices, and pure essential oils. 


We use mica powders and mineral powders as colourants (mica is the name of a group of naturally occurring Earth's minerals which are mined from around the world, purified, and crushed into fine powders).


Choose from our selection of Bain & Savon's' deliciously naturally scented hand made soaps, shampoos, cleanser and conditioners.