ROWDY KIND at Strictly Sustainable

"Rowdy Kind started with a series of challenging questions from Kate’s son Chris, then 7, during bathtime one evening: “Why do we use plastic bottles if they are so bad?” and “Why are you still using baby shampoo on me?” started the search for a better bathtime solution. Kate wanted something that was made of quality ingredients and specifically formulated for kids’ sensitive skin, and Chris wanted something that wasn’t for babies, gender neutral (not Pink vs Blue), was “Cool and Fun” and most importantly plastic free!

A few months later, Kate was visiting then new mum Anne Marie (fun fact, Anne Marie is Kate’s sister-in-law) in Canada and shared the concept of Rowdy Kind. The entire vacation quickly became a working session and the two mums were officially on a joint plastic free bathtime mission."


Choose from our selection of Rowdy Kind's hand made shampoo and conditioner bars.