ZERO WASTE PATH at Strictly Sustainable

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Zero Waste Path is a truly pioneering sustainable brand set up by Italian duo Bianca and Guilio who moved to the UK to complete their Sustainability postgraduate studies.


All their products are 100% biodegradable, zero waste, vegan, palm oil free and lovingly made by hand, making your hair and skin feel amazing!

"We don't outsource anything - we manufacture all of our products in our workshop, we carefully select our suppliers and take care of every aspect of what we do. This is because we prefer to have direct control over as many aspects of our company as possible, and because we want to invest every earning in making more and better products and in providing a better service to all of you!  In addition to this, as both of us are vegan and zero waste (well, trying!), you know that we will spend our profits in a responsible way with a focus on sustainability, human and animal welfare!"