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About Me 

In May 2020 I took part in The Everyday Plastic Lockdown Survey & was horrified that my household threw away 111 bits of single-use plastic in one week.  I vowed to give myself a sustainable makeover & 'deplastify' my life for good. 


With a limited choice of eco-friendly products available in the small number of shops that were allowed to open during Covid19, I started to source natural health & beauty products from leading UK independent brands online.  I was so impressed with the product quality that Strictly Sustainable was born!  

Since opening, I've tried & tested some of the best organic, plastic free & vegan sustainable products available in the UK.  I've put together a collection of my favourites in the Strictly Sustainable online store so that giving yourself, your home & the ones you love a sustainable makeover is affordable, easy & fun.


By offering a quality range of natural, chemical-free, eco-friendly products, my aim is to better protect the environment & encourage others to adopt a more zero waste & greener lifestyle. I firmly believe that the small steps we take every day can add up to BIG CHANGES over time, so start your planet-saving, carbon-footprint reducing sustainable journey today & have a browse around my online store!

I hope you find something that you need, love & want to keep using over & over again." 

Yours sustainably





"In May 2020 I took part in The EveryDay Plastic Lockdown Survey and was horrified that my household threw away 111 bits of single-use plastic in one week. I vowed to give myself a sustainable makeover and 'deplastify' my life for good." - Hilary

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