About Us

Deplastify your life and give yourself and the ones you love a sustainable makeover by selecting from our range of eco-friendly, sustainable, plastic free, vegan and organic products and plants for the home and garden.

About Me

I'm Hilary and at the start of lockdown in March 2020, I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of sustainable and plastic free products widely available in the 'key' shops that were allowed to open near my home.


I was convinced that during lockdown I was now using more single-use plastic than before so, spurred on by Sir David Attenborough's optimism, I took part in Daniel Webb’s Everyday Plastic Lockdown Survey for a week in May to see just how big the problem was and what I could do about it. (https://www.everydayplastic.org/survey). 














I was horrified to learn that my household threw away a colossal 111 bits of plastic in one just week (see photo on the next page & infographic above). 


Factor that up over a year and then over a lifetime and the problem becomes clear.

I vowed to give myself an urgent sustainable makeover by reducing the amount of plastic i bought and used and to help as many people as possible 'deplastify their lives' for good.   


Six months later in December 2020, armed with business plan and a government backed start up loan, I set up The Strictly Sustainable Shop.   The online shop is packed full of sustainable, plastic free products with many, cruelty free vegan and organic items, with new eco-friendly brands and products being added every week.

Hilary Tooke on holiday - founder of The Strictly Sustainable Shop.jpg