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Valley Mist at Strictly Sustainable

Valley Mist has been built from the ground up as a sustainable business, launched in 2016 with just four natural, deeply nourishing and protective lip balms packaged in beautifully packaged and completely plastic free, compostable cardboard push-up tubes. Since day one Jo, the founder of Valley Mist, has pledged to donate 8.5% of profits to the green cause charities.


The drive to create Valley Mist sparked from being tired of petroleum based lip balms that just didn’t work well, and from there a range of naturally derived lip balms and skincare products was born. Since then the world has started to switch on to low impact living and the urgency to protect our planet’s climate. Currently Valley Mist is still growing, we reinvest back into our brand and create more ethical products full of natural and organic goodness, whilst making the sustainable changes we want to see by treading as lightly as possible on the Earth and enabling our customers to do likewise.


As someone sensitive to pollution, I (Jo ) believe that allowing our bodies to function in as natural and non-polluted state as possible is key to good health. By considering the ingredients we use on our bodies as well as those we put into them, we can make a change to our health and even our precious Earth.

Jo Holden Crain